Why is this okay?

Son Sees The Man Who Killed His Mother

Why are people saying the victim’s son is right in doing what he has done and that it would be worth the jail time? Is it truly?

This is an example of retribution, which is the current model of the American criminal justice system. The system deems this is in fact, NOT okay. We do not support vengeance, lynching, etc… Others call it “taking the law into their own hands”. But what has this act of vengeance done? It put a mourning son in jail is what it did. I cannot speak for this boy’s mother but I’m sure she doesn’t want her son in jail. I’m sure she would rather see justice as best as possible in her absence – meaning this offender is in jail and prison, not her son.

Also, consider the possibility that the man accused is innocent? What then?

If the system itself deems what this boy did in retribution wrong, why doesn’t it also see it’s own methods as wrong since it seeks revenge?

What are some ways that restorative and transformative justice could have helped this son be able to cope?


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