Alabama Teen Christian Adamek Hangs Himself – Business Insider


Alabama Teen Christian Adamek Hangs Himself – Business Insider.

Now, can someone explain to me why this happened? Since when is a teen prank that\’s been around for many moons (pun intended, but I digress as this is serious subject matter) a sex offense? And what will happen to the principal that felt it necessary to talk publicly about the legal possibilities of this incident before anything had been decided between the school, the district, the boy and his family (such as whether or not actual criminal charges would be brought forth)?

In the sense of the sex offender registry, a “sex offense” would be anything codified (on the law books). It’s not an offender in the sense of someone that actually creates victims. Yes, rapists and pedophiles are on the list but so are people who prostitute themselves and those that hire prostitutes (contract between consenting adults), those with “indecent exposure” charges (such as streaking or urinating in public), an older teen (such as 18 and up) having a sexual relationship in high school with a younger teen (usually 16 or 15 years old), and many, many more. The general public may very well misunderstand who is on that list and how they got there.

This should have been a matter handled between the school, the district, and the family – and left at that. Maybe an academic punishment, such as suspension or community service to the school. Maybe the parents would opt for some sort of restrictions at home. Maybe they wouldn\’t, as it was just a teen playing a prank. Anything would have been better than putting that boy in jail and on a registry.

What happened to Christian Adamek matters. He was not a criminal. He victimized no one. Threatening a 15 year old boy with a lifetime of registering as a sex offender along with rapists and pedophiles is wrong. It is NOT justice. It is unfathomable, is what it is. I hope that Principal Michael Campbell has learned something, anything, from his carelessness.

Christian, rest in peace. I know that you were not a “sex offender” in the sense that people consider it. I know that a lot of people on that registry are not a danger to anyone, ever. I know that list is beyond overkill and has completely missed it’s initial intent of warning others of dangerous sex criminals (that create actual victims, which you did not). I know that masses of people out there care about what happened to you. I hope that somehow, something good can come of this in your honor. I didn’t know you, but I know you will be missed…

Alabama Teen Christian Adamek Hangs Himself - Business Insider


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