9 things everyone should know about the drug Molly – CNN.com

9 things everyone should know about the drug Molly – CNN.com.

Synthetic drugs are big news lately. Some call them zombie drugs because the user may have a psychotic break and actually eat living creatures, including humans (I prefer the term Reavers since zombies are dead people and Reavers are not. If you don’t know what Reavers are, get to Netflix and watch Firefly – you will not regret it!). A lot of people are curious about why synthetics are so popular and so dangerous and the answer is actually quite simple: they are cheaper and easier to acquire. Synthetic drugs are the response to the failed Drug War. You want Ecstasy but can\’t get it? Here! Try a Molly! But the dealers won\’t tell you they are not really Ecstasy and are really a bunch of chemicals (mostly from China). Or they do and you don\’t care. Next thing you know you are imprisoned for yanking your girlfriend\’s stomach out of her rear. Not kidding, that really did happen: Dreamin\’ Demon – “Man HIgh on Molly Pulled Pieace of Woman\’s Stomach out of her ass”.

I posted some information and a video about krokodil a while back on my Facebook page. People were asking why people would take something so dangerous. In that case, people that were hooked on heroin suddenly couldn’t get it. Krokodil was the drug that filled that gap. When you have an addiction, prohibition will not stop it. If there is a demand, a supply will be generated. That\’s basic economics right there. Here is the video on krokodil:


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